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23 May 2011

Successful 2011 Medal Tests

Seems like ages ago now but I'd just like to let you all know how successful everyone who took their medal tests on Saturday 19 March was.

It was quite a long drawn out day but all ran like clockwork and my mum kept everyone going with teas, coffees and sandwiches. All who took part conducted themselves so well and despite the nerves, because it IS very nervewracking, every single one of you did brilliantly and I am very very proud at what you have achieved.

Approximately 80 separate exams were held that day in Ballroom, Latin American and Classical Sequence Dance at both Bronze and Silver standard. The marking system gives grades as follows:

Pass +
Highly Commended

I am extremely proud to say that everyone achieved Highly Commended and above, and for the first time some of the dancers reached Distinction. That really puts our dance school on the map as far as my Organisation, the United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dance is concerned. David Hogg and Suzanne Moreau, our examiners, were very impressed by the standard presented to them on the day and they assured me that the powers that be at UKA Headquarters in Blackpool know who we are and know how well we are doing and we have their absolute support.

On the Sunday afternoon after the medal tests we had a lovely afternoon together at Miltonduff Hall where everyone received their results, danced the afternoon away, ate chocolate cake (thanks Jan!) and generally relaxed after all the hard work and practice of the last few months.

Every single one of the medallists will tell you that working towards a medal really brings on your dancing. It gives you a focus and it compels you to practice, so improving your dancing. I will be arranging more medal tests within the next year, so those of you who haven't taken the plunge as yet, have a think about it, because it gives a tremendous sense of achievement.

Medal Presentation Evening (21 May)

Thank you to all of you who supported this event. It was a fantastic evening. The place was packed out and the dancefloor was never empty. Ewan and Julia Wallace, Scottish Senior Ballroom Champions, provided us with a fantastic demonstration. All the dances were choreographed especially for us. They really enjoyed the evening too and for them what really stood out, was everyone's enthusiasm for their dancing.

With regard to money for charity: The event itself more or less broke even but we made £200 on the raffle. I will let you know soon which charity this amount will go to. Many thanks to all of you who donated raffle prizes, it is very much appreciated!

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