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9 April 2018

Weekend with Michael and Lauren a huge success

Our demonstration couple for 2018 were Michael Hemera and Lauren McFarlane Hemera. On Saturday 7 April at Lossiemouth Town Hall they performed a five-Dance Latin Show for us, and they also presented Medals and Certificates to those who did their exams in September 2017. On Sunday morning they lead a couple of Latin workshops.

The weekend was a huge success. Thank you to all of you who supported our event and who helped out. I have had the most tremendous feedback both in connection with the demonstration night and the workshops. Thank you so much.

James Grant dancing with Lauren McFarlane Hemera during the show James Grant dancing with Lauren McFarlane Hemera during the show

The workshops on Sunday were fantastic. They concentrated on basics only and how to make basic steps look good, and it meant that everyone attending, even new Beginners, got something worthwhile from the sessions. We were all in lines doing our Cha Cha Cha walks and locksteps up and down the hall like something resembling the Charge of the Light Brigade. Well done to all who took part.

Michael and Lauren loved their time with us. We do have a reputation for spoiling our dancers though and making their stay as enjoyable as possible.

They first demonstrated for us in 2013 just before they won their Closed British Amateur title. They have held the British Closed Latin American title as Amateurs and as Professionals, and they represent Britain in European and World Championships.

Here are two clips of Michael and Lauren performing in competition:
WDC Professional Rising Star Latin - Final Cha Cha Cha
WDC Professional Rising Star Latin - Final Jive

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