Caroline Coomber School of Dance

2 October 2017

Fabulous Medal Tests Weekend

We had this year's Medal Tests on 29 and 30 September, and now they are over, I can think straight again!

Joan Martin and Caroline Coomber What a fabulous weekend it was. Joan Martin, our examiner, was just amazing and gave us so much of her time during her stay. She worked right through from 12.30pm until 9pm on Friday and 10am until 5pm on Saturday: a mixture of Medal Tests, Workshops, private lessons, and time spent with me giving me advice on what we need to work on most.

What a lovely lady. She was so wonderful to everyone and having a friendly examiner makes all the difference when it comes to nerves! I am so proud of all those who took their tests. You all worked so hard and you all danced so well just when it mattered on the Big Day.

I have asked Joan to be our examiner again next year and she is delighted. I hope you will all be keen to work towards your next Medal(s).

She gave us a huge compliment: she said that we were like a big happy family and that she was very aware of the feeling of love and support and enthusiasm from everyone she came across on the weekend. We looked after her very well and she very much appreciated that.

Thank you to all of you who helped out on the day!

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