Caroline Coomber School of Dance

24 April 2017

Amazing weekend with Richard Still & Morgan Hemphill

I’m slowly coming back down to earth after an amazing weekend in the company of Richard Still and Morgan Hemphill, our 15-times UK Professional Ten Dance Champions, GB European and Worlds Represesentatives. Their Eight-Dance demonstration on Friday evening 21 April was out of this world; those of you who were there will agree with me, I’m sure.

Quite a few of you who attended have seen them perform in the past during their three previous visits to us and on top of that we have had three other top class couples demonstrating for us since then. Lots of you were saying that you thought that this year’s demonstration was the best of them all. They were just stunning and Richard kept us entertained with amusing stories while Morgan treated us to numerous gorgeous dress changes.

Over 100 people came along to the event on Friday. I am so grateful to you all for your support because there is no way I would be able to organise weekends like this without you. Congratulations to those of you who received your Medals and Certificates on Friday evening, presented by Richard and Morgan.

Around 40 of you came along to the American Smooth Lecture on Saturday morning 22 April and Richard and Morgan gave us a beautiful Foxtrot. They taught it superbly. Very slowly and steadily with lots of humour thrown in. They were aware that some of the dancers attending were relatively new to dancing and had never done Slow Foxtrot before but I am so proud because due to Richard and Morgan’s skill in teaching it, everyone managed it. A lengthy routine containing lots of figures (including a drop for the lady!!!) that took up the whole of the long side of the hall. You all did so well and you must all have felt a sense of achievement at the end of the 90 minutes.

I’m planning on covering it again in some of the classes and I’m told that everyone attending the Sunday Practice at Spynie were practicing it. Richard and Morgan talked about adding an Open Telemark at the end of the routine which I can show you and I can try and add a bit more American Smooth steps to end in the starting position so the whole routine can be repeated. At one point Richard asked: "How many of you have done an Open Telemark?" and only about three of you said "Yes!!!" Those of you who have been dancing for at least a couple of years will have done it with me at some point whether that was in a Waltz or Foxtrot. I’m sure you’ll recognise it when you see it!

We happened to have the Treasurer of Dancesport Scotland, Mr Ken Brown, at the demonstration on Friday night and at the lecture on Saturday. He was very impressed by our couple, so you never know, they may be back in Scotland sooner than you think ...!

All in all a very inspiring weekend! A very dynamic and exciting couple who give so much!

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