Caroline Coomber School of Dance

4 March 2015

Medal Presentation Weekend
with Ben Taylor & Stefanie Bossen

Ben Taylor and Stefanie Bossen A huge thank you to everyone who supported our Ben and Stefanie weekend, on 28 February and 1 March. Their demonstration was superb, lasting about 45 minutes, and their talent, skills, elegance, class, personality and stamina shone through. They did all of the five Ballroom dances (their Waltz being their show dance) and gave us a superb basic Slow Foxtrot as an encore. Ben Taylor and Stefanie Bossen Over 100 hundred people attended the dance on Saturday night, and even Ben and Stefanie mentioned how amazing the atmosphere was as soon as they walked in the door.

The Medal Presentation was extra special too. Every single person receiving an award (presented by Ben and Stefanie) got a huge round of applause from everyone attending which they all fully deserved because passing a Dance Medal Test is a tremendous achievement.

Thank you to all my background helpers too who all helped me to set up; run the sound system; sort out awards; collect tickets at the door ... the list is endless. I couldn't do this on my own. The biggest thank you goes to my husband Steve though who went beyond the call of duty in all that he did over the whole weekend. Thank you so much!!

Ben and Stefanie are not only World Class dancers, they are also the nicest people in the World who I felt perfectly at ease with all weekend. All of our demonstration couples (Richard Still & Morgan Hemphill and Michael Hemera & Lauren McFarlane Hemera) have given us amazing shows and have been so down to earth, friendly and appreciative of everything. Long may that continue when bringing more couples here in the future.

Ben Taylor and Stefanie Bossen I have to admit that I'm a bit anti-social at these events. My mind is constantly in worry mode trying to keep on top of things so that nothing goes wrong and to ensure that everyone has a special night and I tend to keep myself to myself until it is all over and generally run about mad the whole time or stand next to my music system trying to gauge what dance everyone would like to do next and don't talk to anyone!! It's well worth all the stress though.

The Waltz and Tango workshops on the Sunday morning were also extremely well attended. So much so that I added extra onto Ben and Stefanie's agreed fee. They covered basics and gave us lots of amazing tips on technique and on hold which for me really hit home. I feel we all learned a lot from those sessions. Just watching them move together was reason enough to have attended these workshops. They were just poetry in motion.

(Many thanks to Lesley for the photos!)

Ben and Stefanie sent me the following link:

Ben Taylor and Stefanie Bossen with Caroline Coomber From left: Stefanie Bossen, Caroline Coomber and Ben Taylor

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Email from Lesley (1 March 2015):

Hi Caroline,
Just looking over the photos from last night and showing Dougie what a wonderful time we had! I just can't say how much we appreciate you laying on such a wonderful ending to our first Medal Test.
Our group all had a fantastic time and are full of enthusiasm to put the new ideas from the Workshops into action at our next Class.
I must admit though, being in amongst everyone, and seeing the basics done by the couple, made me realise just how much we need to cover. As you say, even the most advanced dancers always learn something from these sessions, but we do have mountains to climb.
Anyway, I attach a photo of you with Ben and Stefanie and a few nice shots of their demo (not professional, just lucky shots!).
Thanks again,

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